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Did you know you can increase your FBA sales without buying any more inventory? Get your listings in front of many more buyers? Increase your time in the buy box without dropping your prices? Avoid losing your profits on listings where other sellers are “racing to the bottom?” Compete against Amazon and win? You can do all this and more once you learn the right way to run PPC ads on Amazon.

Other training available for advertising on Amazon is aimed at private label sellers and brand owners, whose goals and needs are very different from ours. This course is designed specifically for Amazon resellers and includes everything you need to know to get started and succeed with Amazon ads.

In addition to clear and detailed explanations of how ads work, how to set them up, how to know if they’re working, and how to fix ones that aren’t, each lesson includes multiple examples from actual Amazon product listings, many from my own inventory. Using screenshots, I show you exactly how running ads increased my sales and profits so you can do the same.

AMAZON ADS 101: PPC FOR RESELLERS is a comprehensive video training program that includes complete and detailed explanations and answers all of the following:

  • ·        Why there are so many myths about Amazon advertising that keep resellers from using them to boost sales and profits (and why you shouldn’t believe them)
  • ·        How Amazon search works and how ads make it work for YOU
  • ·        Why ads improve product rank and what that means
  • ·        How advertising gets you in the buy box more often
  • ·        What and when to advertise to get the biggest return for your ad bucks
  • ·        Who can advertise which products (not everyone and everything is eligible)
  • ·        What types of ads you can run
  • ·        Detailed demonstrations of every step in the process of setting up an ad campaign
  • ·        How to control your advertising costs (it’s cheaper than you think)
  • ·        Where to see your campaign’s results
  • ·        What all the metrics in Amazon’s Campaign Manager mean
  • ·        How to know if your ad is working and what to do if it’s not

Best of all, because so few resellers advertise, when you DO run ads for your products you can enjoy great returns on even a small investment. AMAZON ADS 101 will show you how, and you can get it risk-free with my 100% satisfaction guarantee. Use the program for 15 days and if you don't agree that this complete video course is a great value, just say so and your purchase will be refunded.


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